Paving the path for Android XBMC and HTPC technology

Matricom is the leader in HTPC technology specializing in XBMC to bring the most powerful media center devices and solutions to your living room. The Matricom team consists of the world's most talented software developers and hardware engineers to bring you the hottest technology advancements available for TV. We bring you the hottest in set-top technology including the world's most popular Android box, the G-Box Midnight MX2, which is the word's #1 selling Android media player on Amazon!

Our goals as the leader in Android technology include:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction. We believe in helping our customers. Matricom has a full-service technical support team available for all G-Box and G-Tab products.
  • Ingenuity through customer feedback. We listen to what you have to say to improve our products.
  • Community driven. Over 500,000 G-Boxes sold to date has created a very active and helpful G-Box community!
  • A passionate drive to develop the world's best cutting edge media technology.
  • Insane R&D Practices. Matricom strives to retain a 0% profit margin by investing all profits towards product development.
  • Extremely affordable. Our top consumer oriented goal is to bring the most powerful bang for your buck.
  • A serious love for Android. Our developers are passionate about what they do, which is what makes our products popular.
  • High continuous support. All products have at least an 18 month development cycle. G-Box products are here to stay!

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